1 August 2013

The only Palestinian salt producer on the shores of the Dead Sea produces 100 tons of salt per month for WFP operations, providing food assistance in Gaza and on the West Bank, and also valuable investment in an area where the economy is struggling.

8 July 2013

WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin recently travelled to Palestine where she met families struggling to make ends meet with high food prices and low wages. WFP is helping them meet their food needs, but what these families really want are opportunities to provide for themselves.

13 February 2013

In the early days of this year, a snow storm followed by torrential rains and flooding wreaked extensive damage to whole areas and communities in the West Bank. The Jadallah family in the Tulkarem village of Anabta are one of many whose lives were swept away by what is said to be the worst natural disaster in the village in the last 50 years.

14 January 2013

After a massive snow storm swept through the State of Palestine, WFP and its partners were immediately on the ground in affected communities assessing the damage, identifying humanitarian needs and stepping up relief efforts.

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20 November 2012

In the face of ongoing conflict in Gaza, WFP is pressing ahead with food distributions to ensure that families in the embattled territory don’t go hungry. WFP is monitoring the situation carefully and stands ready to provide additional assistance should humanitarian needs increase.

30 October 2011

Sharifa Deif Allah, 12 , is among the 35,000 people that receive food rations through an assistance programme for herder and Bedouin communities run jointly by WFP and UNRWA in the West Bank. She agreed to answer 10 questions about her life and hopes for the future.

Food Prices
17 January 2011

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran kicked off a three-day visit to the Middle East by visiting shops in the West Bank that are participating in WFP’s electronic voucher programmes. This 'digital food' provided to the most vulnerable Palestinians supports local shopkeepers and food producers, she explained.

Focus on Women, Food Prices, Nutrition
3 November 2009

Tunisian actress Hend Sabry saw the impact of WFP’s first food voucher scheme in the Middle East recently when she spent a day with a Palestinian family in Nablus. Her presence also put a smile on faces at a market where thousands of Palestinians spend the vouchers.

17 February 2009

When WFP launched its emergency operation for Gaza recently, setting up food flows was no easy task. As Ekram El-Huni explains, the El Arish warehouse in Egypt was a crucial part of the logistics operation.

11 February 2009

Since the hostilities erupted on 27 December, WFP has continued delivering food to the civilian population in Gaza, distributing two-month rations to more than 222,000 people.