5 February 2009

"Ready-to-eat meals offer an immediate solution to the food needs of hospital patients, who might otherwise go hungry.”

30 January 2009

As the crisis in Gaza enters its second month, WFP is reaching out to more hungry people through daily food distributions, and free school meals for children.

25 January 2009

Christine van Nieuwenhuyse, WFP Country Director for the occupied Palestinian territories, travelled to Gaza with a joint UN preliminary assessment mission. This is her account of what she saw.

17 January 2009
Emergencies, Logistics
6 January 2009

WFP moved 11 truckloads of food into Gaza on Monday as part of efforts to respond to the growing humanitarian needs.

24 January 2008

There is a serious food crisis in the Gaza Strip resulting from a progressive seven-month economic blockade.

22 November 2007

Fear and violence are an every day reality for Nehaia Abu-Nahla, Head of the WFP Gaza sub-office. She spoke to WFP's Heather Hill about what it's like to work in a place where she can never feel safe, and where an attack may be just around the corner.

22 October 2007

The food needs of Gaza's citizens are now at the mercy of political tensions between Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other militant groups. WFP spokesperson Kirstie Campbell looks at how food is no longer a right when you're more or less cut off from the outside world.

20 August 2007

Arnold Vercken, WFP Representative in the occupied Palestinian territory, has warned of a progressive collapse of the Gazan economy as a result of border restrictions and a breakdown of services. WFP oPt spokesperson Kirstie Campbell reports

27 July 2007

WFP has welcomed contributions of $104 million from the US government this month to feed the hungry poor in 15 countries.