News release

24 April 2008

WFP has announced the killing of a truck driver transporting vital food relief to Darfur, the second such killing in two months.

17 April 2008

WFP has announced that it will be forced to cut monthly rations in Darfur starting next month, because banditry against WFP-contracted trucks is preventing sufficient stocks of vital food relief from getting through.

10 April 2008

WFP has announced that the driver of a WFP-contracted truck and his assistant were killed in Southern Sudan, bringing to five the number of people killed in attacks on WFP humanitarian transporters in Sudan in less than three weeks.

28 March 2008

The vital Humanitarian Air Service run by the World Food Programme (WFP) in Sudan has received a one-month reprieve from imminent closure thanks to generous donations totalling more than US$6 million, the agency has announced.

25 March 2008

As the number of hijackings of trucks carrying food for the WFP nears 60 since the start of the year, WFP expressed deep sadness and shock at the killing of three drivers of WFP-contracted trucks in two separate incidents in Sudan.

13 March 2008

The vital Humanitarian Air Service run by WFP in Darfur has received its first donation of 2008: US$500,000 from Not On Our Watch, the humanitarian and advocacy organisation founded by the Hollywood actors George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, producer Jerry Weintraub and civil rights lawyer David Pressman.

23 January 2008

A rash of banditry is threatening food supplies to more than two million people in Darfur, raising the possibility that rations will have to be cut, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today.

7 December 2007

WFP has launched an emergency relief effort to deliver food and supplies to thousands of people driven from their homes by floods that began late last week and have now inundated dozens of communities across central Sudan.

4 December 2007

WFP said today that due to a reduced demand for food aid it will gradually shift its operations in southern Sudan from emergency war relief to longer term recovery after more than 20 years of delivering food aid to the region.

4 December 2007

WFP today warmly welcomed Estonia’s first ever donation of 500,000 Estonian Kroons (EEK) (US$42,300) to support the agency’s work in Sudan.