Focus on Women, Gender, Nutrition
29 July 2009

With the next harvest still a couple of months away, food is scarce in north Darfur. This is a time when children can slip into malnutrition. But Fatima, who has two kids in the crucial under-five age range, is getting the support she needs to steer her family through the hunger season.

Emergencies, Logistics
22 June 2009

The world’s biggest helicopter has begun airlifting food aid into a remote part of Southern Sudan after river boats trying to deliver urgently needed WFP supplies were attacked. The airlift comes amidst growing concerns about the fragile security situation in the south.

15 June 2009

An attack on river boats carrying WFP food in southern Sudan has caused a serious setback to food distributions to displaced people in the region. WFP is now airlifting supplies to the affected region but Michelle Iseminger, in Juba, warns that this is only a temporary solution.

Emergencies, Focus on Women
7 May 2009

In Goz Beida, Eastern Chad, where new fighting has broken out between rebels and government forces, thousands of refugees from Darfur live in a large camp supported by WFP. Among them is 17-year-old Ekhbal, who yearns for a real home where she can be a normal teenager.

Focus on Women
6 May 2009

Many girls in rural Sudan fail to get far with their education because they marry early or their parents need them to help put food on the table at home. In the north Kordofan state, WFP is helping 55 women to make up for lost time and become literate in six months.

31 March 2009

WFP is continuing operations in Sudan’s Darfur region to address the gaps in humanitarian assistance left by the expulsion of 13 international NGOs by the Government of Sudan.

5 March 2009

Sudan is one of WFP’s largest humanitarian operations in the world. In 2009, we aim to provide food assistance to 5.9 million people in the country, around 15 percent of the population. Read WFP news update

23 June 2008

WFP has warned that millions of displaced Sudanese in Darfur are to face their third month of ration cuts as violence and attacks on trucking convoys continue to disrupt the flow of food assistance to the region.

Food for Assets
10 May 2008

The lives of Marayam and other women in her village have improved enormously since WFP helped the villagers excavate a nearby “haffir” – a traditional hand-dug reservoir which collects rain and holds up to 12,000 cubic metres of clean water.

11 December 2007

Countries where violence persists and populations live in fear. People in Hunger's Global Hotspots don't know what tomorrow will bring and they often have to rely on WFP for their next meal.