Food for Assets
20 July 2012

The Manyara region of north-west Tanzania suffers from drought and a high level of food insecurity. WFP irrigation projects carried out under Food for Assets are helping the communities to build a more secure future.

Food for Assets
4 July 2012

WFP is working with communities in Tanzania's driest regions to rehabilitate degraded land through irrigation. These Food-for-Assets projects are helping farmers boost production and improve their food security.

Refugees and IDPs, General Food Distribution, Nutrition
1 June 2012

On 30 May, the World Food Programme in Tanzania received a donation of dates valued at USD 700,000 from the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support refugee operations in the north-west of the country.

General Food Distribution, Logistics, Procurement
8 May 2012

Staff in Tanzania are saving time and greenhouse gas emissions by using their new Segway personal transportation vehicles to move around the Dar es Salaam port.

2 May 2012

The Dutch frigate NMNLS Van Amstel paid a visit to Dar es Salaam on 23 April, hosting a media briefing to highlight international efforts to fight piracy along the East African coast and the EU military support given to WFP's humanitarian operations in the region.

13 January 2012

As an HIV-positive orphan, Faudhia spent long hours struggling to find food for herself and her grandmother. She often missed school. Now she is getting food and medicine through a WFP-assisted programme and she is fighting to change her life for the better.

Focus on Women, Purchase for Progress
3 June 2011

Felista Thomas, 57, lives in Shirimgungani, close to the famous Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. She is the head of her household and owns 1.25 hectares of land. This year she is leasing an additional hectare of land – all because of P4P.

Food for Assets
29 December 2010

Mvungwe Village only cultivated land along the Pangani River bank making only subsistence farming possible. Under WFP's Food for Assets Programme, in exchange for food, villagers dug 12 km of irrigation canal. This opened up all kinds of possibilities! Each acre of farmland now yields 10-15 bags of maize, up from 1-2 bags before the canal work.

HIV/AIDS, Nutrition
30 November 2009

To support children orphaned by AIDS and those living with HIV/AIDS themselves, WFP provides food and nutrition to 2.3 million people across Africa. Those on anti-retroviral treatment are particularly in need of a nutritious diet to ensure that their drug therapy is as effective as possible.

School Meals
14 July 2009

The school meals distributed at Jonas Oltimbau’s school on northern Tanzania are keeping alive his dreams of becoming a lawyer one day and playing a role in helping his nation move forward.