17 May 2011

Actute malnutrition is above alert level in parts of the Karamoja region. However, a new outreach programme is helping WFP assist more affected families with nutritious supplements and education.

P4P Stories from the field
30 March 2011

Officials from the Government of Uganda say P4P offers new and exciting tools to fight hunger and poverty in rural households.    

P4P Stories from the field
30 March 2011

Smallholder farmer groups in northern Uganda have started to see the benefits of Purchase for Progress. In a region that was until recently a battleground, there is now an opportunity for formerly displaced persons to gain greater and more direct benefit from their produce.  

P4P Stories from the field
1 March 2011

Would-be PhD student Matteo Caravani instead chose to begin a life in the most impoverished part of Uganda. However, he has found happiness amidst challenges and amusing traditions, as well as being part of a new thing that WFP is doing. 

28 January 2011

For decades, the Karamoja region has suffered isolation, droughts, gun violence and more. With the largest and longest presence of any humanitarian agency, WFP has been there, filling gaps and working towards ending hunger.

Emergencies, Purchase for Progress
24 January 2011

Hunger ambassador KC Concepcion’s first ever visit to Africa took her to the heart of the continent, in Uganda, where she saw deep deprivation but also places of plenty. In everything, she found beauty, smiles and possible solutions to hunger.

Purchase for Progress
13 January 2011

Gramsen Wambuzi wears a simple, loose-fitting cotton shirt and, unlike many Ugandans nowadays, does not own a cell phone. However, he lives a  comfortable life with an apparently secure future, thanks to WFP's support through Purchase for Progress.

General Food Distribution
6 December 2010

In response to a WFP appeal to donors to provide emergency relief assistance for refugees, Belgium made a generous contribution in Uganda this year. Last week the Belgian ambassador visited Nakivale refugee settlement to see WFP distribute the last rations bought with the donation.

Livelihoods, Purchase for Progress
26 November 2010

At the height of northern Uganda’s brutal insurgency, in 2004, WFP reached more than one million displaced people sheltered in camps. Trucks went out each day with armed escorts taking food aid to four districts. All that is now gone. Today, WFP has a new way of doing things to assist the region.

12 October 2010

A combination of droughts, extreme poverty, environmental destruction and violence has undermined food and nutrition security in the Karamoja region. But while WFP will continue to provide relief food in crisis times, it has come up with an innovative complementary thing – an asset-creation initiative.