Hunger in the news

4 October 2010

Recent fighting between the government and militants in Southern Yemen has displaced thousands of people. Children are especially suffering from this latest violence in the Middle Eastern nation. (..) The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has received little funding for its programs in Yemen. This has meant ration cuts for victims of the Sa'ada conflict. Children have been especially hurt by the lack of funding.

30 September 2010

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) who fled clashes in the past two weeks between the Yemeni army and militant groups in the central-southern governorate of Shabwa, some 400km east of Aden, are appealing to humanitarian organizations for aid. (..) The UN World Food Programme (WFP), the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) have pre-positioned some stocks in Mayfaa, such as blankets, kitchen sets, hygiene and school kits, as well as high protein biscuits, with the possibility of sourcing additional goods from Aden or Sanaa, OCHA said in a 25 September report.

14 September 2010

A New York Times feature recently highlighted the potential and the controversy of the plumpy'nut foods that fight child malnutrition. What cannot be forgotten amidst the debate is the number of malnourished children who need this food--now. (..) School feeding programs across the globe are facing big cuts. Even in Iraq, a country very much in the U.S. spotlight, WFP school feeding for Iraqi children was recently cut because of low funding.

23 August 2010

The United States recently stepped in with one of the largest donations in recent history to humanitarian operations in Yemen amounting to $ 13.5 million for WFP. (..) “The US has played a key role in acknowledging and raising awareness of the dire situation in the country,” said Gian Carlo Cirri, WFP Representative. “The US has always been a generous supporter of WFP operations in Yemen. The most recent contributions will ensure that critical food and nutrition assistance continues reaches those families in desperate need.” Cirri added.

3 August 2010

Head of the government’s Reconstruction Fund (RF) Mohammed Thabit says the UN World Food Programme (WFP) should stop giving food to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and contribute instead to the reconstruction of Saada Governorate. (..) WFP representative in Yemen Giancarlo Cirri told IRIN the agency was ready to support recovery and reconstruction through cash or food-for-work programmes, if security and access allow.

29 July 2010

Feeding over 300,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Yemen involves complex logistics and coordination. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) works with its implementing partners, such as NGOs Islamic Relief and Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA), to ensure fair distribution and maximum outreach to displaced families, including 60,000 children under five.

28 July 2010

The Senate passed a resolution last year calling for support of Yemen, a country afflicted by Al Qaeda, internal conflict, hunger and poverty. (..) The UN World Food Programme (WFP), with a 51 million dollar budget shortfall, is struggling to provide aid to Yemenis displaced by the conflict in the northern part of the country. WFP's Food for Education programs have only had one distribution since June, 2009 because of this low funding.

26 July 2010

Hours after tribal leaders reached a truce in northern Yemen, clashes erupted Sunday in fighting between government-backed clans and Houthi rebels that has killed more than 60 people in recent days, according to tribal sources and media reports. (..) The World Food Program, strained by the increased demand for food and water aid, has cut rations to the needy by half. Lack of funding threatens to stop aid entirely. "What's worrying about the clashes is the intensity, and this could trigger a seventh round of war.... It is very likely we would have a new round of displacement," said WFP country director Giancarlo Cirri, speaking from Saada.

25 July 2010

The White House stated last month that humanitarian aid for Yemen is "woefully underfunded." This has a devastating impact for victims of the Sa'ada conflict in the northern part of the country. They depend on the support of the UN World Food Programme and its partners.

18 July 2010

The struggle against hunger and poverty in Yemen takes place on many fronts. Yemenis displaced by the conflict in the north depend on the humanitarian assistance of the UN World Food Programme and other aid agencies. This aid is going to play a vital role in bringing about peace and reconstruction in northern Yemen. However, funding remains low for these relief agencies. A Hunger Relief for Yemen fund is now online at the World Food Program USA site.