A Road to Prosperity in Zambia

"The UN’s Rome-based Agencies (the World Foood Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the International Fund for Agricultural Development) and Zambia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) are combining their comparative advantages to increase their speed and effectiveness in helping isolated farming villages in northern Zambia get out of poverty and into business"


Zambia was reclassified by the World Bank as a lower middle income country in 2011. While it has maintained an admirable economic growth rate at over 6 percent for the past decade, Zambia's human development indicators remain static, with the country still ranking 163 out of 186 countries in the 2012 Human Development Index. Zambia's population is 13 million, with 61 percent living in urban and 39 percent in rural areas. 

Agribusiness centre for smallholder farmers

Under WFP's Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative in Zambia, the local community in Mambwe district and the Adventist Development Relief Agency came together to build a warehouse. The idea is for the warehouse community project, also known as the Kasamanda Agribusiness Centre, to aggregate commodities and act as a catalyst for rural development. The warehouse provides emerging farmers with a place to store their food. It also offers a platform for the community to meet with stakeholders from the food supply chain and build sustainable business relationships. 

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