News release

30 June 2005

United Nations, New York With one African in three malnourished, the prevalence of hunger is an accurate barometer for the level of social instability in the continent, warned WFP Executive Director James T. Morris.

10 April 2005

WFP and FAO welcome an extremely generous 140 million rand (US$21.5 million) contribution from the Republic of South Africa to the agencies’ operations in southern Africa.

12 February 2005

WFP welcomes a 10 million British pound (Zim$1.23 trillion) cash donation from the UK Department for International Development which will be used to buy urgently needed food supplies for the people of Zimbabwe.

12 January 2005

WFP welcomes the conclusion of an agreement with the Government of Zimbabwe on the delivery and distribution of food aid to millions of people in the country.