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The Syrian crisis is now in its fourth year. Having fled their homes to escape the conflict, millions of Syrians are now without jobs, money or reliable access to food. WFP food distributions are going ahead, despite difficulties and in April we dispatched enough for 4 million people. Our greatest challenge right now is getting access to besieged communities inside Syria. WFP is also providing assistance for almost 1.5 million refugees in neighbouring countries.

Interactive Map

Check out this interactive map to see where WFP is distributing food to Syrian families displaced by fighting.


WFP Response

  • In April, WFP provided assistance to around 4 million people in Syria, and reached all 14 Governorates for the first time in six months.
  • WFP is concerned about the impact of a looming drought for the food security situation in Syria.
  • In March, an inter-agency convoy crossed the Turkish border into northern Syria for the first time since the conflict began, carrying WFP and other UN agency supplies to Qamishli, Al-Hassakeh Governorate.
  • Every month, WFP provides people inside Syria with food rations including flour, cooking oil, pulses, sugar and some canned food.
  • Working with UNICEF, we are providing special food products to 130,000 vulnerable children under age 2, each month to prevent and treat malnutrition.
  • WFP is distributing food packs and vouchers in new refugee camp in Azraq, Jordan
  • Over 2.5 million Syrian refugees are now registered in neighbouring countries.
  • In 2014, WFP plans to assist over 2.9 million people in Syria’s neighbouring countries, mostly through food vouchers, which allow families to choose their food. They also help the local economy.

Syria Quiz

Take a short quiz to learn  more about the crisis in  Syria and how the World  Food Programme is  responding to the needs of  families fleeing conflict. By  taking the quiz, you’ll provide nutritious food to a Syrian family for a day at no cost to you. Take quiz


On The Ground

Providing A Sense of Normalcy For Families
Providing A Sense of Normalcy For Families
For mothers like Laila, the supermarket provides an opportunity for her to engage in activities she normally did with her daughter, Amal, such as grocery shopping. Laila and her family left their hometown of Homs in May, hopeful that the camp would provide a safer haven for her children. 

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WFP’s NGOs partners play a crucial role in getting food assistance hungry Syrians inside and outside the country. Here are our ten key partners on the ground.