HungerTweets Competition

Executive Director Josette Sheeran wants to hear your #hungertweets!

Care about hunger? Tell the world about it with the best, most creative tweets you can think of and you could win a Hunger Tweet Champion certificate signed by WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

Here's how to play

1. Tweet about hunger. How to fight it. How to stop it. How it makes you feel.

2. Add the hashtag #hungertweets so it'll show up on the bar on the right-hand side of this screen.

3. Mention @JosetteSheeran at the end of your tweet

Every month, Josette Sheeran announces her Hungertweet Challenge, asking for hungertweets on a specific subject (see below). At the end of the month, she chooses the best tweets, which we announce to all of our twitter followers on @WFP.  We also post them on this page. The winner and runners-up receive a signed Hungertweets Champion certificate.


July & August #Hungertweet Challenge:


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Congratulations to our past #Hungertweets Champions!

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Honorable @s in April go to:

@JustLifeIt@1nysportsfan@Dion_JesusGirl@vanjapop@fruition12, @SoulStrive

April Hungertweet Champion Announced: Read the story!