Strategic Evaluation

Strategic Evaluations contribute to learning about issues that are central to strategic decision-making and related actions that affect WFP's ability to achieve planned results. They identify issues that are systemic and require solutions that affect more than one operation or one Country Office or region.

Since 2008, the Office of Evaluation undertakes 3-4 strategic evaluations that focus on one common theme, presented in a concept note. Each evaluation within that group focuses on a specific dimension and generates in-depth evaluation insights. The 3-4 strategic evaluations of a common theme are then synthesized in the Annual Evaluation Report.

In 2010-2011 four Strategic Evaluations are designed to help WFP in its transition from a food aid to a food assistance organization, and what this transition means for the choices that Country Offices have to make.

2013-2014 Strategic Evaluation Theme: Emergency Preparedness & Response (Briefing Note)

2010-2011 Concept Note for Strategic Evaluations

EQAS Guidance Materials for Strategic Evaluations