Key Documents

The Evaluation Policy sets out how WFP institutionalizes the independence, credibility and utility of its evaluation function.

The new 2016-2021 Evaluation Policy has been approved at EB.2/2015. It  sets the strategic vision and direction for embedding evaluation into WFP's culture beyond the Office of Evaluation to strengthen evidence-based policy and programming across WFP's work, to help maximize its impact - crucial in the complex challenges the world and WFP faces.

In line with Agenda 2030, WFP's evaluation function will be built out beyond the current central function. The evaluation function model designed for the new policy will combine centralized and demand-led decentralized evaluations.The new policy has been prepared in line with the recommendations of  the 2014 peer review of WFP's evaluation function.

The Annual Evaluation Reports provide a synthesis of findings from evaluations during a year. This analysis helps understand corporate strengths and identify common concerns that require solutions.

OEV’s Annual Evaluation Work Programme is selected on the basis of objectively verifiable criteria and consultations