Annual Evaluation Reports

The Annual Evaluation Report provides a synthesis of findings from evaluations during a year. This analysis helps WFP understand corporate strengths and identify common concerns that require solutions.

Annual Evaluation Report 2012


The WFP Office of Evaluation Annual Evaluation Report (AER) makes strategic recommendations for WFP based on the synthesis of findings, conclusions, lessons and recommendations from all evaluations completed by the Office of Evaluation during the previous year, and reports on related evaluation activity. The AER 2012  reflects a wide range of WFP’s work in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, and includes a particular focus on WFP’s Partnership working - a theme identified in all ten evaluations covered by the report


Annual Evaluation Report 2011

The Annual Evaluation Report for 2011 focuses on lessons arising from implementation to date of WFP’s Strategic Plan 2008-2013. It covers 16 evaluations on: strategic themes in the transition from ‘food aid to food assistance’, such as partnerships and how Country Offices adapt to change; school feeding and WFP support to agricultural small holders and markets; and WFP’s strategic positioning and performance in Haiti, Kenya, Rwanda and Yemen; and others. 


Annual Evaluation Report 2010

The Annual Evaluation Report for 2010 focuses on operational issues arising from evaluations of country portfolios and operations, and impact evaluations of selected school feeding programmes.The findings reaffirm WFP’s corporate areas of strength in responding to emergencies under the most difficult circumstances and in providing school feeding, as one of the Programme’s flagship programmes. However, impact evaluations of these programmes also showed the importance of implementing school feeding in cooperation with partners who invest in education sector improvements. Areas where the greatest improvements can be made relate to food-for-work, where funding often is curtailed and thus strategic objectives moved beyond reach, and nutrition where the ambiguous objectives and small size of programmes make it difficult to demonstrate results


Annual Evaluation Report 2009

The Annual Evaluation Report for 2009 focuses on activities WFP undertakes to support its core strength of responding to emergencies: preparedness and assessments on one end, and recovery work at the other. The findings are insightful and should again contribute to discussions within the WFP Secretariat and with its membership that lead to improvements in the way WFP works.


Annual Evaluation Report 2008

This report summarizes the findings of three strategic evaluations (WFP policies for gender, capacity development and HIV and AIDS) and four operations evaluations (in Colombia, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Madagascar) managed and conducted by the Office of Evaluation (OEDE) in 2008.


Annual Evaluation Report 2006

This is the third WFP Annual Evaluation Report. It summarizes the evaluations conducted in 2006 by the Office of Evaluation and by regional bureaux and country offices. The report has been discussed by the WFP Internal Evaluation Committee and by Board members at the annual informal consultation on evaluation.


Annual Evaluation Report 2005

The report describes the activities undertaken by OEDE and by regional bureaux and country offices. The second part of this report summarizes the findings and conclusions of 28 evaluations, allowing for an insight into generic and corporate issues that go beyond individual evaluations.


Annual Evaluation Report 2004

This is the first comprehensive annual evaluation report produced by WFP's Office of Evaluation. it describes the main activities and summarizes findings and lessons of 31 evaluations completed in 2004 by the Office of Evaluation, Regional Bureaux and Country Offices.