Food Aid Information System

Aggregations and Groupings

In order to provide the user with maximum ease in building reports, the following aggregates and groupings are available in FAIS data.



Commodity aggregates

  Full list of Cereal commodities     

  Full list of Non Cereal commodites


Donor aggregates

The donor list includes countries (governments) and three groupings: NGOs, PRIVATE donors and OTHERS. No further details are provided on the website on donations from NGOs and the private sector. The group of OTHERS includes the International Governative Organizations and all the other donors that are neither governments nor NGOs nor private sector.


Recipient Groups


All recipients are grouped by geographical area. The geographical regions are mutually exclusive; each recipient country is included in one and only one group and none is excluded.

 Full list of countries in Asia

 Full list of countries in Europe and CIS

 Full list of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

 Full list of countries in North Africa and the Middle East
 Full list of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa