Food Aid Information System


 How is the Nutritional Requirement defined?
The Nutritional Requirement of different age classes and sex groups within developing countries have been averaged, using the age-sex groups as weights based on the demographic distribution of the typical population of a developing country. (See also Overview)

How is the Individual Requirement Met on Average (IRMA) defined?
IRMA is the number of individual requirements of a given nutrient potentially met by the nutritional content of a representative ton of the selected deliveries. (See also Glossary, Overview and User's Guide.)

How can I measure if actual individual requirements are met?
The actual needs and requirements of beneficiaries could be different because of age, sex, diseases, activity levels and other sources of food besides food aid. There is no indicator among those proposed that could give such information.  There is no connection between Individual Requirements met on average and the needs of beneficiaries of food aid. The former are an unit of measurement of the number of people whose requirements could hypothetically be satisfied. The latter are actual people reached by food aid deliveries.

I find commodities that seem to be included within other commodities, are they?
The items Cereal and Non cereal are the only commodity aggregates. No other item in the list of commodities includes any others. This is due to the data entry process: commodities delivered are registered according to the highest available degree of detail. For example, “Dried fruits” does not include “Dried fruits dates” or “Dried fruits raisins”.