Food Aid Information System


 WFP commissioned a nutritionist to compile a Food Composition Table for the commodities in the INTERFAIS database. The data sources are NutVal (WFP), the United States Department of Agriculture, the Food Composition Database for Epidemiological Studies in Italy (BDA), Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca per gli Alimenti e la Nutrizione (INRAN) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The sources for each commodity are indicated within the table. 

In terms of metric tons, more than 99% of the commodities have reliable information on energy and macronutrients and 5 or fewer missing values for micronutrients. In the calculation of the indicators, missing values and traces were equated to zeros. IRMAt is not affected by the decision on whether missing values are treated as zeros or not. If the commodities with missing values for a nutrient are excluded, IRMA and IRMAs are affected by this decision. The effect is on average very small, only amounting to a few percentages. Treating missing values as zeros has important advantages, such as comparability, simplicity and maintaining the simple relation between IRMAt and IRMA.