Food Aid Information System

User's Guide

As the demand for information on the nutritional impact of food aid has increased, the World Food Programme through FAIS has integrated in its database quantity data on food aid deliveries with additional information on their nutritious content. FAIS presents data on food aid deliveries in metric tons and a number of indicators that reflect the nutritional value of food aid deliveries. This User’s Guide is designed to help users to get the most from FAIS data.
Each commodity has a specific content in energy and macro- and micronutrients, many of which are essential to human health and well-being. Three new indicators are proposed to provide a synthesis of the nutritional power of food aid. They link the nutritional content of food aid deliveries with individual nutritional requirements by measuring the number of potential individual requirements met for the following 14 nutritional parameters:


The nutritional content of commodities and the individual nutritional requirements are available in the Metadata section. 


The Variables

Aggregations and Groupings

Units of Measurement


A Guided Example