Food Aid Information System


What's the difference between Actual Tons and Grain Equivalents?

 Both Actual Tons and Grain Equivalents are expressed in Metric Tons. The measurement in Actual Tons corresponds to the registered Metric Tons of food delivered. Cereal-derived commodities can also be measured in grain equivalents, which is the Metric Tons of grains necessary to produce the given amount of cereal-derived commodity. Grain Equivalents of the commodities derived from cereals come from their MT weight converted in GE by using a conversion factor specific per each commodity. For example, the tonnage of wheat flour is multiplied by 1.37 to derive the grain equivalent tonnage.

 I find commodities that seem to be included within other commodities, are they?

 The items Cereal and Non cereal are the only commodity aggregates. No other item in the list of commodities includes any others. This is due to the data entry process: commodities delivered are registered according to the highest available degree of detail. For example, “Dried fruits” does not include “Dried fruits dates” or “Dried fruits raisins”.