Chad Country content en In The Sahel Region Of Chad, Half The Population Faces Hunger N’DJAMENA – New data on food security in the Sahelian belt of Chad shows half the population - around two million people - face hunger and more than a quarter of these people are severely food insecure, needing external assistance to meet their minimum daily food needs, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said today. Chad Africa Mon, 30 May 2016 11:15:34 +0000 WFP 649731 at Of Lives Uprooted. Meet The People Fleeing Boko Haram Around the Lake Chad Basin in three days – meet the people uprooted by Boko Haram. Cameroon Chad Nigeria Global Africa Tue, 22 Mar 2016 14:40:01 +0000 Adel Sarkozi 649272 at Boko Haram Violence Causes Surge in Hunger and Displacement in Nigeria and Surrounding Areas (For the Media) Increased fighting and insecurity in northeast Nigeria and the border region have led to a surge of refugees and internally displaced people in recent months. This is the largest recent displacement crisis in Africa. In response to rising food insecurity, malnutrition concerns and continued displacement in the Lake Chad Basin, WFP aims to scale up its assistance from 600,000 people assisted last year to nearly 750,000 people. WFP needs urgent support to continue to provide food and nutritional assistance to displaced and vulnerable host communities alike. WFP needs USD 123 million until the end of the year to respond to growing needs in the Lake Chad Basin. To date, only 17 percent of the required funding has been secured. Nutrition Logistics Preventing Hunger Responding to Emergencies Cameroon Chad Nigeria English Africa Video News Release Refugees and IDPs General Food Distribution Nutrition Wed, 16 Mar 2016 23:00:00 +0000 WFP 649268 at First Life-Saving Food Assistance For Thousands Recently Displaced By Boko Haram Violence N’DJAMENA/YAOUNDÉ/DAKAR – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and its partners have over the past week reached thousands of people recently displaced by the Boko Haram violence in Chad and Cameroon with life-saving food and nutrition support. Cameroon Chad Niger Africa Tue, 16 Feb 2016 08:05:32 +0000 WFP 649008 at WFP And Partners Work To Enhance Aid Delivery For Refugees In Chad Surrounded by countries torn by armed conflict, Chad has become host to more than 344,000 refugees, most from Sudan, the Central African Republic (CAR) and, more recently, Nigeria. The volume of refugees has become a massive burden for Chad, which is one of the poorest countries on the planet. Further, hope is dwindling for many that they will ever return home, since most of these refugees have been in Chad for over a decade. WFP and its partners are finding solutions to make sure that assistance reaches the needs of the most vulnerable of these refugees to improve their food security and livelihood.  Chad Wed, 06 Jan 2016 16:50:28 +0000 WFP 648746 at New Surge in Hunger as More People Flee Increasing Boko Haram Violence in Lake Chad Region (For the Media) Increased fighting and insecurity in northeast Nigeria and the border region have led to a surge of refugees and internally displaced people in recent months. More than 5.6 million people do not have enough food to eat in the areas affected by the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. WFP is concerned that insecurity could lead to prolonged hunger. WFP gives assistance to refugees, returnees, IDPs, and host communities in the three countries. Lifesaving food assistance is provided along with specialized nutritional food to treat malnourished children under five, and pregnant and nursing women. In all 3 countries, WFP supports refugee children with moderate acute malnutrition by giving them highly nutritious food.  To date, more than 42,000 malnourished children and mothers have been assisted. Chad English Africa Video News Release Emergencies Refugees and IDPs General Food Distribution Thu, 17 Dec 2015 10:06:45 +0000 WFP 648690 at “BEFORE WE REBUILT THE DAM, THE WATER WOULD DISAPPEAR” Year after year, feeding their growing families is a struggle for smallholder farmers of eastern Chad, a region subject to drought and erosion. But a project improving water management has changed the prospects of a community of several hundred poor families.   Chad Mon, 14 Dec 2015 18:29:49 +0000 WFP 648661 at Focus on Zero Hunger: Chad (Episode 2) Welcome to WFP's new series, "Focus on Zero Hunger." The second episode focuses on Chad, where thousands of families have been displaced by Boko Haram violence. Between July and August, more than 40,000 Chadians have been forced to leave their homes fleeing the attacks. As the violence intensifies, more and more families are in need of urgent support – 4.6 million people in the region are in need of humanitarian assistance. Share this video to help us help them. Chad English Global Africa Video stories Tue, 22 Sep 2015 11:34:08 +0000 WFP 647941 at Boko Haram Violence Increasing Regional Humanitarian Crisis (For the Media) Increased fighting and insecurity in north-eastern Nigeria and the borders of Chad, Cameroon, and Niger have led to a sudden surge of refugees and internally displaced people in recent months. So far, there are nearly half a million people (refugees, IDPs, returnees) in the three bordering countries, displaced by Boko Haram. Increased displacement is placing additional pressure on already vulnerable host communities who are also in need of food assistance. WFP is scaling up its food and nutrition assistance to over 670,000 people in Cameroon, Niger and Chad response to rising food insecurity and population displacements due to the conflict. WFP appeals for USD 16.3 million to respond to immediate and sudden needs. Lack of funding has been hampering WFP’s response.  Chad English Africa Video News Release Emergencies Refugees and IDPs General Food Distribution Thu, 17 Sep 2015 13:13:11 +0000 WFP 647898 at WFP Continues to Support Sudanese Refugees in Chad Since 2003, when millions of civilians fled their homes to seek protection from violence in Sudan, Chad has become home to more than 400,000 Sudanese refugees. The World Food Programme (WFP) is still providing them with food assistance despite their plight, but they risk falling into oblivion amidst stretched resources as Chad struggles to host more than 750,000 people displaced by conflict, including thousands of people recently displaced by violence spilling across the border from Nigeria. Chad Africa Fri, 28 Aug 2015 09:07:30 +0000 WFP 647714 at