Tunisia http://www.wfp.org/feeds/Tunisia Country content en WFP Resumes Food Assistance To Families Displaced By Conflict In Libya http://www.wfp.org/news/news-release/wfp-resumes-food-assistance-families-displaced-conflict-libya TUNIS – The United Nations World Food Progamme (WFP) has resumed food assistance to support displaced people whose lives have been impacted by the continuing armed conflict in Libya. Preventing Hunger Libya Tunisia Local Africa Middle East Thu, 21 May 2015 09:31:53 +0000 WFP 646441 at http://www.wfp.org WFP Assists Tunisia‚Äôs Government In School Feeding http://www.wfp.org/news/news-release/wfp-assists-tunisia%E2%80%99s-government-school-feeding TUNIS – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) will provide technical support to the Government of the Tunisian Republic in building its capacity in managing and implementing the national school feeding programme. School Meals Tunisia Africa School Meals Thu, 02 Jan 2014 08:18:47 +0000 WFP 639507 at http://www.wfp.org Hungry Planet Episode 25 http://www.wfp.org/videos/hungry-planet-episode-25 After devastating floods, Indonesian farmers learn how to diversify their incomes; an innovative project in Tunisia helps farming communities fight unemployment and poverty; and a pilot project in Kenya supports dairy farmers in their fight against animal diseases. Stories Indonesia Kenya Tunisia Africa Asia Video stories Tue, 12 Mar 2013 13:31:18 +0000 WFP 399481 at http://www.wfp.org FAO & WFP Help Build A Future For Rural Tunisians http://www.wfp.org/videos/fao-wfp-help-build-future-rural-tunisians In poverty-stricken rural Tunisia, WFP and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) are working together to help residents in the birthplace of the Arab Spring to become independent farmers. FAO has organised unemployed young people into farming cooperatives, receiving training and microcredit, while WFP provides them with cash to buy food and seeds. Stories RBA Tunisia English Middle East Rome-based agencies (RBAs) Video stories Food for Assets Tue, 12 Mar 2013 09:40:36 +0000 WFP 399470 at http://www.wfp.org WFP Helps Reclaim Land And Livelihoods In Rural Tunisia http://www.wfp.org/stories/wfp-helps-reclaim-land-and-livelihoods In rural central and western Tunisia many families struggle to put food on the table every day. As many as 78 percent of the population can barely afford to produce or buy their food. With climate change making its fierce mark on the area, WFP and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) designed a joint project to assist small-scale farmers and help them establish small agricultural businesses. Climate Change RBA Tunisia Local Africa Rome-based agencies (RBAs) Climate Change Thu, 07 Mar 2013 16:53:43 +0000 Reem Nada 398169 at http://www.wfp.org Helping Rural Communities In Tunisia http://www.wfp.org/photos/gallery/helping-rural-communities-tunisia    Tunisia Local Climate Change Thu, 07 Mar 2013 14:28:16 +0000 WFP 398123 at http://www.wfp.org Art in Exile: Iraqi Paintings Find Refuge in Tunisia http://www.wfp.org/stories/art-exile-iraqi-paintings-find-refuge-tunisia Iraqi painter and arts professor Mohammed Abdul Kareem recently showed his work at an exhibition in Shousha camp in southern Tunisia where more than 3,600 people from over 30 countries await resettlement. The camp had received over this year tens of thousands of migrant workers, and sometimes professionals like Abdul Kareem, who fled the violence in Libya last February. The majority have returned home, those who remain are facing their second exile; like Abdul Kareem, they cannot go back to their countries. Tunisia Global Africa Refugees and IDPs Thu, 29 Dec 2011 15:30:06 +0000 Julia Stewart 147540 at http://www.wfp.org Hardship and Hope Unite Two Somali Refugees in Tunisia http://www.wfp.org/stories/united-harship-and-hope-better-days Jedi and Abdulkadir are two Somali refugees from Mogadishu who had been working in Libya for a few years before having to flee after violence erupted earlier this year. They both share the burden of exile and high hopes for a future that can erase their tragic past. Responding to Emergencies Tunisia Local Africa Refugees and IDPs Thu, 15 Dec 2011 15:08:16 +0000 Julia Stewart 137608 at http://www.wfp.org WFP Convoys Reach Stranded Populations As Access Increases In Libya http://www.wfp.org/news/news-release/wfp-convoys-reach-stranded-populations-access-increases-libya As humanitarian access increases in Libya, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has dispatched food assistance to the south of the country and to people who have fled heavy fighting in the town of Bani Walid. Since the crisis began, WFP has distributed, through its partners, food assistance to 800,000 people in Libya. Hunger in the news Journalists Libya Tunisia Middle East Emergencies Tue, 20 Sep 2011 11:52:19 +0000 WFP 81876 at http://www.wfp.org Analysis: Battle for Libya not quite over http://www.wfp.org/content/analysis-battle-libya-not-quite-over Ten days ago the vanguard of rebel forces streamed into the Libyan capital. Moammar Gadhafi's forces put up virtually no resistance and it seemed that the end of Libya's six-month conflict was imminent. (..) Supplies are beginning to arrive. The World Food Program sent in a convoy from Tunisia, carrying water, medical supplies and blood. Hunger in the news Libya Tunisia hunger in the news Africa CNN Middle East Thu, 01 Sep 2011 14:53:06 +0000 WFP 70105 at http://www.wfp.org