Zimbabwe https://www.wfp.org/feeds/Zimbabwe Country content en El Niño : Faces of the Drought in Zimbabwe https://www.wfp.org/stories/el-nino-faces-drought-zimbabwe Recurrent climate-related shocks are one of the main drivers of food insecurity in Zimbabwe. Current food shortages have been exacerbated by one of the most devastating El Niño-induced droughts in recent history. Agriculture is particularly vulnerable becuase of the heavy reliance of smallholder farmes on rain-fed maize production. The effects of two consecutive years of drought are evident in widespread crop failure, livestock deaths and dwindling livelihood and income-earning options for the rural populace. Mwenezi, a district in Masvingo, has been hard hit. WFP is rapidly stepping up life-saving operations and reaching a growing number of people with food and cash-based relief as well as with activities designed to improve the resilience of farming communities. These are some of the faces and stories of people affected by the drought.   Climate Change Zimbabwe Global Africa Droughts Mon, 22 Aug 2016 10:33:09 +0000 Tatenda Macheka 650227 at https://www.wfp.org Sunshine Keeps a Community Smiling in Zimbabwe https://www.wfp.org/stories/sunshine-keeps-community-smiling-hwange "The sun that  scorched other people's fields because of El Niño is the same sun that has changed our lives" - Dominique Dingane. Food For Assets Zimbabwe Africa Food for Assets Tue, 14 Jun 2016 08:59:44 +0000 Tatenda Macheka 649855 at https://www.wfp.org El Nino Devastates Zimbabwe's Harvest, WFP Using Satellites to Mitigate Effects of Drought (For the Media) https://www.wfp.org/videos/el-nino-devastates-zimbabwes-harvest-wfp-using-satellites-mitigate-effects-drought-media Zimbabwe is one of a number of countries in southern Africa that has declared a drought disaster this year due to the impact of a strong El Nino weather event which meant reduced rainfall for much of southern Africa late last year and during the early months of this year - the same period as the growing season in the region. In partnership with the European Space Agency, WFP is using data from Sentinel-2  to monitor the effects of climactic changes in agricultural and pastoral areas . This will help WFP plan and respond to climactic events and conditions that can cause poor harvests and hunger. Designed as a two-satellite mission, Sentinel-2 is providing imagery on a five-day revisit cycle. Sentinel 2 is a polar-orbiting, multispectral high-resolution imaging mission for land monitoring to provide, for example, imagery of vegetation, soil and water cover, inland waterways and coastal areas. Its camera sensor has been designed to detect very specific wavelengths of light that detail the health of plants. Climate Change Zimbabwe English Africa Crop Production Video News Release Climate Change Droughts Wed, 18 May 2016 14:30:10 +0000 WFP 649624 at https://www.wfp.org Drought Relief And Resilience-Building In Zimbabwe https://www.wfp.org/photos/gallery/drought-relief-and-resilience-building-zimbabwe Over the past months, Zimbabwe has found itself in the grip of an intense drought that has expanded and strengthened since the earliest stages of the 2015-2016 agricultural season. While the driest stage has passed, the long awaited rains that have increased since late March may be too late to reverse the damage done so far. The extensive crop failure expected in the 2016 harvest period is likely to expose even greater numbers of people to food insecurity. Zimbabwe Wed, 20 Apr 2016 11:31:44 +0000 WFP 649477 at https://www.wfp.org U.S. Support Boosts El Niño Relief and Recovery Efforts in Zimbabwe https://www.wfp.org/stories/us-support-boosts-el-ni%C3%B1o-relief-and-recovery-efforts-zimbabwe Thanks to the generous support of the United States, WFP continues to deliver timely emergency relief whilst building the resilience of those most affected by the scourge of  drought in Zimbabwe. Contributions to WFP Food For Assets Zimbabwe Local Africa Droughts Food for Assets General Food Distribution Thu, 14 Apr 2016 14:31:23 +0000 Sophia Robele 649439 at https://www.wfp.org Stunting Prevention Makes an Impact in Zimbabwe https://www.wfp.org/stories/stunting-prevention-makes-impact-zimbabwe A joint prevention of stunting programme - combining the work of WFP, UN sister agencies, the Government of Zimbabwe, non-governmental partners and local communities - is helping children in Zimbabwe reap the long-term benefits of a healthy start to life. Nutrition Zimbabwe Local Africa Nutrition Tue, 05 Apr 2016 13:46:37 +0000 Tatenda Macheka 649376 at https://www.wfp.org WFP Boosts Food And Cash Assistance As El Nino’s Grip On Zimbabwe Tightens https://www.wfp.org/news/news-release/wfp-boosts-food-and-cash-assistance-el-ninos-grip-zimbabwe-tightens HARARE – Vulnerable people in Zimbabwe will continue to receive relief assistance from the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) through what is usually a period of bounty but which this year has turned into a time of want. WFP is extending its relief programme due to the punishing impact of El Niño on the food security of the country. Cash and Vouchers Zimbabwe Africa Wed, 16 Mar 2016 12:12:01 +0000 WFP 649239 at https://www.wfp.org United States Government contributes additional $10 million in response to drought https://www.wfp.org/news/news-release/united-states-government-contributes-additional-10-million-response-drought Harare -The United States Government announced $10 million in additional funding in response to the critical food security situation in Zimbabwe. The contribution, provided through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), brings the total U.S. funding for drought relief since June 2015 to $35 million, ensuring 600,000 rural Zimbabweans have adequate food supplies to cope with the drought. Zimbabwe Thu, 03 Mar 2016 13:37:00 +0000 WFP 649180 at https://www.wfp.org El Niño Set To Have A Devastating Impact On Southern Africa’s Harvests And Food Security https://www.wfp.org/news/news-release/el-nino-set-have-devastating-impact-southern-africas-harvests-and-food-security Joint Statement by WFP, FEWS NET, EC-JRC and FAO* Southern Africa is currently in the grip of an intense drought that has expanded and strengthened since the earliest stages of the 2015-2016 agricultural season, driven by one of the strongest El Niño events of the last 50 years. Madagascar Mozambique South Africa Zambia Zimbabwe Africa Fri, 12 Feb 2016 09:21:41 +0000 WFP 648981 at https://www.wfp.org Using Productive Assets To Change Lives In Zimbabwe https://www.wfp.org/stories/using-productive-asset-creation-transform-lives In Chiredzi district, the rehabilitation of an irrigation scheme through WFP's Productive Asset Creation programme has brought much more than water to the drought-affected community... Zimbabwe Africa Food for Assets Mon, 18 Jan 2016 17:15:38 +0000 Tatenda Macheka 648828 at https://www.wfp.org