Focus on Women Videos

Public Information Officer Challiss McDonough describes daily life for women in Afghanistan and her own experiences living and working there.

Angela's trip to the field kicks off in her native Cali where she visits a neighbourhood torn by competing paramilitary groups. While there, she meets with the volunteers of a local NGO who offer safe haven and free meals to women victims of violence.

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran explains how providing women with more efficient stoves slows deforestation, limits indoor pollution and curbs the risks of rape and violence that women in poor countries run while gathering firewood.

During a visit to the village of Katsiru, WFP's Executive Director stresses the need for peace and security in eastern Congo, where WFP is working to help displaced people rebuild their lives.

Women form the backbone of the agricultural sector in many countries and play a key role in guaranteeing that food gets onto the table. On International Women's Day, WFP underlines that women have a central role to play in fighting hunger worldwide. Send a message of solidarity: