Juan F. Yriart

Acting Executive Director Juan F. Yriart served from February to April 1982. A Uruguayan citizen born 1919, Mr. Yriart attended Law School at the University of Montevideo. As a career diplomat, Yriart held senior positions in his country’s embassies in Sweden and Finland and was Director General of the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1959 to 1962. He was Ambassador to the Netherlands in 1963 and to the United States up to December 1968.

Yriart's association with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) started from its earliest days when he signed the organisation constitution on behalf of his country. In 1968, he was appointed as FAO Assistant Director General for Latin America Affairs and FAO regional representative for Latin America in Santiago, Chile. In 1972, he became Assistant Director General of FAO’s Development Department and in 1980, Special Assistant to the director general of FAO, for whom he undertook a number of high policy missions. Mr. Yriart retired in February 1984.