What motivates people to join WFP in the fight against hunger? Take a minute and meet three of our supporters. Learn why hunger matters to them – and what they’re doing to solve it.


Read their stories and choose how you want to be part of our community.

By playing Freerice, Sarah knows the importance of building awareness about hunger around the world and encouraging others to get involved.


"What I like most about Freerice is that it doesn’t cost money. Raising money is very important; but I do believe that raising awareness is also very important.


Freerice allows youth to get involved without making them feel like they have to donate.


Freerice helps build confidence and raises awareness about hunger all at the same time."


What makes WFP different from other organizations?


"You’re working on such a broad scale. You establish so many different projects which means you’re helping more people in more places. I also love your website because there is always so much going on. I never have to worry about waiting a long time for new information!"





Having experienced hunger firsthand, Katerina knows the impact WFP can have on the lives of the hungry - especially children.


"When I first reached out to the World Food Programme, I never thought I would get a response. But for such a large organization,


WFP seems to find a way to connect with its supporters and make each one of us feel important.


I enjoy the newsletter – it updates me on what’s new in the world that I wouldn't hear about at home."


What makes WFP different from other organizations?


"I support WFP because they keep me involved and I see what they're doing - I know it's helping many children around the world enjoy their childhood and not have to worry about grown-up problems. It's a wonder what a child can forget and how much happier life can be on a full stomach."



Joy believes in the concept of ‘a little goes a long way’ – and her monthly donation definitely does just that through WFP's school meals programme.


"When I saw that $1 can feed 4 children a meal in school, I was sold. It's amazing seeing how big a difference even a small amount can make!


The easiest way to support WFP is to make my monthly contributions automatic, so I don’t forget.


I receive the newsletter and confirmation of payments – I'm excited that I make a positive impact."


What makes WFP different from other organizations?


"The overall positivity I find on the website and in the monthly newsletters helps keep supporters from dwelling on suffering. I feel compelled to donate – it’s a very positive feeling and vibe I get from WFP. And the regular newsletters and compelling stories keep me interested!"