Why Give To WFP - 10 Reasons


Hunger is the most important social cause today. There are many good reasons to join WFP's fight against it. Here are ten:

1.  We fight hunger – the most noble and core humanitarian cause
Food is the key to life. Without it, people die or revolt. Yet one out of seven of us goes to bed hungry each night. There are those who are forced to flee their homes and countries in the face of war...who become hungry overnight when floods wipe out their homes and crops... who send their children to school hungry... who can no longer buy the most basic foods in markets when prices suddenly double. Without food, it is impossible for individuals and nations to prosper. It is fundamental.

2. We save lives – no matter what
WFP, backed up by our 50-year record, saves lives quickly and cost effectively. As the world’s 911 for emergency food response to the most remote corners of the planet, our staff roll up their sleeves and work around the clock to get food to people, using every possible means. You saw us in Haiti...using trucking fleets, ships and helicopters. Where necessary, we use donkeys, elephants and even yaks. We do whatever it takes.

3. We help people feed themselves
Our job is to feed people but we take it a step further – we help people feed themselves. In Gulu, Uganda, for example, we built a new warehouse where small farmers can bring their moist and dirty corn which would normally earn them $100 a ton. Once cleaned, dried and stored, it will sell for $400 a ton. The farmers pay just $40 a ton. This is a program we call Purchase for Progress – 21 innovative pilot projects worldwide that help small farmers improve the quality of their produce, earn more money, and help the community prosper.

4.  We harness the power of others
Hunger is solvable. One person, one red cup at a time. You can make an incredible impact with even a small donation. Five days after the earthquake struck in Haiti, we had raised nearly $5 million from individuals and companies that helped us mobilise vitally needed funds and critical expertise. Take TNT -- a worldwide leader in shipping and logistics. They have helped us build more efficiency into our warehousing and trucking operations. DSM, the great nutrition company, has improved the fortification of our products. And Unilever has made a difference through donations when customers buy their products.

5. We build healthy bodies and brains
Science has irrefutably proven that when children under two – the first 1,000 days of life – don't receive proper nutrition, they suffer permanent physical and often irreparable mental damage. When food is scarce, children can slip away so quickly. We work with the world’s foremost private sector partners and the best minds in nutrition and food production to create special nutritional products customized for hungry mothers and children.

6. We feed and educate the next generation

When schools provide food, attendance skyrockets. If girls stay in school, they marry later and have smaller families. Nourished children thrive and can concentrate on their lessons with a full stomach. And their future income will be higher. At just US $0.25 per meal, our school lunch programme is a valuable investment in the next generation.

7. We have our eye on the bottom line
Not only are we fast, we’re cost effective.  That’s important to us – and to you. As an agency entirely run on voluntary funds, we watch every dollar spent, stretching it as far as it can go. Our administrative overhead costs are one of the lowest in the humanitarian world – less than 10%. We’re always looking for new ways to keep the costs down, by forward purchasing food commodities during harvest time, purchasing at the most competitive price, or buying local where possible.

8. We empower women – the secret weapon to fighting hunger
Almost two-thirds of the world’s chronically hungry are women and girls. Although women are often the main victims of hunger, they are also the most able to provide ways out of hunger. We are experienced at putting food into the hands of women, ensuring children will eat. We offer all sorts of programmes in exchange for food:  life-skills training for women, such as health or literacy, so they can go from reading a medicine bottle to running a market stand. We also give them income-generating skills like sewing or handicrafts. With just a small amount of food, we change the course of women’s lives. And families flourish.

9. We spearhead high-tech solutions
Technology can revolutionize the battle against hunger. For example, in Syria, refugees from Iraq previously seen as a burden to the local community, now receive a WFP voucher on their cell phone that they redeem in local shops. The storekeepers love it. It saves money, preserves our beneficiaries' dignity, and is fast and easy to use. From innovative weather insurance schemes in Ethiopia to early warning mapping and preparedness, we strive for ways to get ahead of the hunger curve. And we do it!

10. We hand over when the job is done
And when our job is done, we hand over to others to take next step. Recently, the government of Cape Verde took over our program that fed thousands of schoolchildren. Thirty-five years ago, this would have been unimaginable in a country many considered virtually hopeless. Today, Cape Verde is one of the many success stories we create together with your support.