Haitians Say Thank You!

We are touched by the compassion and commitment of WFP supporters like you. Thanks to your generosity, men, women and children in Haiti are surviving the devastation caused by the earthquake. 

Watch this special video to hear the stories of just a few of the millions of Haitians who would like to say thank you.


A Remarkable Outpouring of Support 

Already, more than 20,000 people have responded to the Haiti crisis by donating online to WFP. That number is growing daily as we extend our reach to even more people affected by the earthquake. 

Some of you are long-time supporters, and many are new to the WFP community. Welcome! You're part of a worldwide movement fighting hunger. 

You've come together from 129 different countries to provide lifesaving support for Haiti. Check out the map on the right to see exactly how far your reach extends!