HIV / AIDS Stories

Stories about how WFP is assisting people with HIV and tuberculosis.

28 November 2013

Zimbabwe Artist Paints Brighter Canvas In Spite Of HIV

When award-winning Zimbabwean artist Rogers Makunda discovered he was HIV-positive in 2009, he wanted to keep living and working as he had before. But that proved impossible, especially after his brother died and he found himself providing for several more children. Now enrolled in WFP’s Health and Nutrition Programme, Makunda is back at work – and looking ahead.

5 November 2013

What Causes Hunger?

The world produces enough to feed the entire global population of 7 billion people. And yet, one person in eight on the planet goes to bed hungry each night. So why does hunger exist?

7 August 2013

WFP Burkina Faso Supports People Affected by the HIV Epidemic in Burkina Faso

Across six towns of Burkina Faso, WFP provides food assistance to people living with HIV as well as vulnerable AIDS orphans. Here is the story of one of the beneficiaries.

2 August 2013

WFP and Plan International Will Work Together Fighting Hunger in Latin America

The WFP Deputy Regional Director and Officer in Charge, Alzira Ferreira, and the Regional Director of Plan in the Americas, Roland Angerer, signed an agreement to work together to fight food insecurity to help the most vulnerable populations, especially women and children, in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

31 July 2013

WFP and Global Fund Partnership Helps Many Access HIV Treatment in Zimbabwe

Like many single mothers who have been outcast after testing HIV positive, Tambudzai has had a tough time. She was born to poor parents and has lived much of her life on the margins of society. But one day an outreach worker knocked on her door and advised her to seek help. She now receives free anti-retroviral treatment and counselling at a clinic in her village. 

6 June 2013

Feeding A Mother's Dreams In Zimbabwe

For the last four months, Marble's mode of transport was a wheelbarrow pushed by her elderly mother. It took two hours each way from their village to the nearest clinic but Marble’s illness gave them few alternatives. Now she is walking again. Under the shade of a lemon tree in the clinic's courtyard, whilst waiting their turn to collect her monthly food rations from WFP, the two women recount their trials and eventual triumph as Marble’s health improved.

6 December 2012

Attimi, HIV Positive in Cote d'Ivoire: “I Want to Start a Small Trade”

WFP's nutrition support programme for malnourished people living with HIV in the region of Bouaké, central Côte d'Ivoire, runs for six months. After this, the patient is normally expected to grow out of malnutrition and regain his or her ability to lead an active life. However, many patients are so poor and vulnerable that they cannot be discharged.

30 November 2012

Ethiopia : Looking Forward to Tomorrow Thanks to WFP Vouchers in Urban HIV/AIDS Programme

Last year, WFP introduced vouchers into its urban HIV/AIDS programme in Ethiopia on a pilot basis, in place of traditional food assistance. People benefiting from the project can redeem vouchers for locally produced food. It’s just one part of a programme that helps people living with HIV and AIDS to get back on their feet. 

30 November 2012

Italian Sister oversees nutritional assistance in largest reference centre for people living with HIV

25 years ago Sister Valeria Amato moved from Sicily to Guinea-Bissau and has since dedicated her life to providing nutritional assistance to people living with HIV and tuberculosis.  

29 November 2012

Guatemala: Women Living with HIV Learn to Support Themselves

Thanks to this initiative a group of Guatemala women living with HIV learn about their condition, to give emotional support to one another and to develop new skills that will allow them to earn a living and put food on the table for their families.


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