HIV / AIDS Stories

Stories about how WFP is assisting people with HIV and tuberculosis.

29 November 2012

WFP Marks 10 Years On Front Lines Against AIDS

World AIDS Day on December 1 marks ten years since WFP began providing specialised nutritional assistance to people suffering from the HIV virus. Ensuring that patients get the right nutrition and don’t have to choose between treatment and food is critical to winning the fight against the disease.

28 November 2012

For HIV-positive Swazis, Nutritious Food Brings Hope for a Brighter Future

For Khumbu Shiba, who has been HIV-positive for three years, WFP’s food and nutrition assistance has meant all the difference. Before, she was barely able to care for her family, and felt very weak. Now, she has regained her health and has even started her own business.

28 November 2012

In Ghana, a Full Stomach Means More Effective HIV Treatment

For many years, not having enough to eat meant that Agnes struggled to stay on her antiretroviral treatment. Thanks to food assistance from WFP, she can now take her medication more regularly, provide for her family and help others in her community.

27 November 2012

Liberia: HIV Mother Puts Pain Aside And Works To Help Community

Learning that she was HIV+ and that her husband had hidden the truth of his condition from her was a double shock for Florence, who lives in Liberia’s capital Monrovia. But with support from WFP, she has turned her life around and is hopeful about her family’s future.

23 October 2012

Infographic: All About WFP

Just how many people does WFP feed each year? How much does that cost and where does it get the money? Find the answers to these questions and more in this infographic about WFP—the world’s largest humanitarian aid agency.

[NB. This infographic has been updated. Go here for new version]

25 July 2012

Ethiopia: HIV+ Mother Pulls Family Back from Brink

With the help of WFP's food support and livelihood assistance programmes, Belaynish Dabe and her HIV-positive husband no longer struggle to feed themselves and their children.  WFP's food support to people living with HIV helps ameliorate the double burden of lack of income and deteriorating health. 

24 July 2012

Breaking The Cycle Of HIV, Hunger and Poverty

Hunger and malnutrition are significant obstacles to the global fight against the HIV virus. A growing consensus of experts at the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC (AIDS 2012) agreed that helping patients with HIV meet their nutritional needs can make the difference between life and death.

16 July 2012

Going Full Circle in Kenya

In Kenya, Purchase for Progress helps farmers living with HIV/AIDS sell their harvest to the World Food Programme.

8 June 2012

Nutritious Food In Mozambique Essential to Good Health

In Mozambique, WFP provides nutritional food to help ease the burden of high rates of both malnutrition and HIV. This food helps twins like Sandra and Guida regain their health.

15 March 2012

WFP e-voucher programme helps out many

His is a story that stays with one for a long time. At 24, he is grossly underweight for his age and resembles a boy barely out of his teens. Jairos Chihwa, of Overspill in Epworth, a low income sprawling township 8km south west of the capital Harare, has been HIV positive since birth and it is all too easy to see that he has seen the ebb and flow of life and death in the suburbs.


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