HIV / AIDS Stories

Stories about how WFP is assisting people with HIV and tuberculosis.

29 February 2012

Nutritional Lifeline For Lesotho's Most Vulnerable

There are more than a quarter million people living with HIV in Lesotho. In four of the country's districts, WFP is supporting some of the most vulnerable HIV+ people with nutritional services to counter high levels of malnutrition and anaemia.

13 January 2012

Tanzania: Faudhia Regains Her Hope For The Future

As an HIV-positive orphan, Faudhia spent long hours struggling to find food for herself and her grandmother. She often missed school. Now she is getting food and medicine through a WFP-assisted programme and she is fighting to change her life for the better.

19 December 2011

Life Skills For Swazi Students, Food For Their Families

In schools in rural Swaziland, vulnerable children, many of whom have lost a parent or parents to HIV/AIDS, learn useful life skills in addition to their regular lessons while WFP supplies their families with basic foodstuffs.

9 December 2011

HIV project in Lao PDR wins award for South-South Cooperation

 A WFP-supported project to provide better HIV treatment and care in Lao PDR has received an award in recognition of excellent South-South Cooperation.

1 December 2011

WFP Assists People Living With HIV in Burkina Faso

Patricia is 42 years old and has been living with HIV for 10 years. She is now receiving food assistance through WFP, essential for effective antiretroviral treatment.

1 December 2011

WFP Provides Nutrition Support for People Living with HIV in Central African Republic

WFP has been providing food at the Caritas health centre in the rural area of Bohong, Ouham Pende in the north-west of Central African Republic since 2006. The area was the scene of conflicts between armed political groups and the government as well as bandits, causing many people to leave their homes. 

28 November 2011

For World's Poor, Right Food Key To Beating HIV

For people living with HIV, eating nutritious food is essential. Proper nutrition, combined with medical treatment, means they can recover their health and resume productive lives. WFP supports some 2.5 million people in 44 countries through its HIV programmes. Here are three of those people.

28 November 2011

Swaziland: Grandmother Manages To Care For Kids Despite Challenges

In a country where AIDS has left countless children orphans and where life expectancy is only 47, Nosipho and her grandchildren might appear to have the cards stacked against them. But with a bit of food assistance, the determined 50-year-old, diagnosed with HIV five years ago, is steering the children towards a brighter future.

25 November 2011

Cambodia: 'Without HIV Support I Probably Would Have Died'

Thanks to her chicken farming and small grocery business, Pong Onn is now able to look after herself and her daughter. But to get here she had to weather a series of crises after learning that she was HIV positive. One of them was the sudden death of her husband. Getting through the tough times required support, which came from WFP and a local NGO, Cambodian HIV/AIDS Education and Care.

24 November 2011

Bolivia: Woman Learns About HIV The Hard Way

Before Dora was diagnosed with HIV, she had never even heard of the disease. But she quickly learned about its effects on herself and on ability to care for her children. Now, with WFP’s food and nutrition support, she is stronger, healthier and better able to provide for herself and her family.


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