HIV / AIDS Stories

Stories about how WFP is assisting people with HIV and tuberculosis.

16 November 2011

Afghanistan Diary - Day Three

During Silke Buhr's third day in Afghanistan, she visits Bamyan Hospital and learns how important food assistance is for patients at the tuberculosis clinic. She also meets Khadeja, a woman who's found a new lease of life thanks to involvement in a plant nursery, which is indirectly helping to improve soil quality in the area.

19 October 2011

Bolivia: Soy Helps Improve Nutrition and Medical Treatment

Almost a year ago, WFP started a project aimed at assisting some 650 people living with HIV who were receiving antiretroviral treatment and were identified as highly food insecure. Every month, while receiving their medical treatment at the health center, these people also receive a family food basket made up of rice, soy grains, salt and vegetable oil.

14 June 2011

Food Assistance Provides Hope For HIV-Positive Orphan

NKILONGO - Life is difficult for Mndeni Mlduli, a five-year-old Swazi orphan who is HIV-positive and on anti-retroviral medicines. But thanks to a neighbourhood feeding scheme in his community in rural Swaziland, he has regained the strength and energy he needs to play and be a child again.

5 May 2011

HIV+ Mother Finds Way Out Of Hunger Trap

Until recently, Neri, an HIV+ mother of three, often had to choose between feeding her children and feeding herself. It was an impossible choice and she might have died if she hadn't started receiving food as part of her treatment. She's now healther, better able to care for her family and was able to celebrate Mother’s Day.

1 December 2010

We Can Break The HIV-Hunger Trap, Says Nutritionist

As we remember all those living with the HIV virus on World AIDS Day, millions of people with the disease are barred by hunger from leading the healthy and productive lives that they could have with treatment. Zambia-born nutritionist Mutinta Humbayi says that by breaking down those barriers, we can help stop a vicious cycle driving the epidemic.

24 September 2010

Kenya: HIV-Positive Woman On Food Aid Now Selling Food To WFP

Anne Rono is a small farmer, but after contracting HIV, lost the strength to farm her land. With the help of antiretroviral drugs and nutritious food, she’s not only back on her feet but selling her crops to WFP through an innovative new programme that links small farmers to markets.

19 July 2010

The Vital Ingredient for People Living with HIV: Good Nutrition

The world is making huge strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS through prevention and anti-retroviral drugs. However recent studies have shown that drugs alone cannot keep the virus at bay without proper nutrition. In this joint article, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran and UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé explain why.

19 July 2010

Zambia: HIV-Positive Mother Finds Food Aid Makes A Difference

Mary Mweetwa thought the future looked grim for her kids when she tested positive for HIV last year. But she has found that with food assistance and treatment she can in fact carry on looking after her family. WFP will highlight the importance of nutrition at the AIDS 2010 conference in Vienna this week. Read news release

30 November 2009

Food Assistance Helps Africa Live With HIV/AIDS

To support children orphaned by AIDS and those living with HIV/AIDS themselves, WFP provides food and nutrition to 2.3 million people across Africa. Those on anti-retroviral treatment are particularly in need of a nutritious diet to ensure that their drug therapy is as effective as possible.

30 November 2009

"Good Nutrition Makes HIV Treatment More Effective"

Speaking to on the eve of World AIDS Day 2009, WFP's Chief of Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Martin Bloem highlights how good nutrition increases the effectiveness of the drugs used in HIV treatment.


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