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So – you want to make a film but not sure where to start? Full of ideas but need the information?
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Here you will find links to useful information on hunger for your in-depth research and inspiration. As well as plenty of hunger facts and figures, you can find a country-by-country overview of the food situation, what we’re doing to help and the latest food emergencies.

Don’t forget to check out our interactive map you can use to view the world’s hunger hotspots. You can also view raw WFP video footage for use in your own film - check out the box on the right – decide what you want – and drop it into your film. 

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What is hunger, and who does it affect?

Hunger 101 - Start here

The Millenium Development Goals - What are they, and what is WFP's role in achieving them?

Nutrition Facts - Learn more about what good nutrition means

The Hunger Glossary - Hunger vocabulary

Frequently asked questions - Is there enough food in the world? 

How many people are hungry? - Find out about the facts and figures 

Where in the world? - The Geography of Hunger

WFP around the world

Where do we work? - click to find out

Where does the food we distribute come from? - WFP's procurement map

Hunger Hotspots - Regions at risk

Ways we help

School Meals - How much does it cost to feed a hungry child?

Fill The Cup - Facts and figures about School Feeding (pdf)

Gender and Hunger - Why is this important?

Stay Informed

Articles worth reading - updated regularly

 Hunger bytes forms part of the ''A Billion for a Billion'' campain which asks the online billion (including you) to help the hungry billion.

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