The Fast Information Technology and Telecommunications Emergency and Support Team (FITTEST) is the IT emergency response capacity of World Food Programme (WFP). Its members are renowned for their passion for going above and beyond to provide lifesaving internet connectivity, security telecommunications, customer support and training to humanitarians from UN agencies and NGOs around the world. Whether deployed to an island, desert or mountain, FITTEST tackle harsh environments and collaborate with local partners to get the job done.

FITTEST are our heroes

For over 15 years, FITTEST has been on the frontlines of humanitarian disaster response. This team of technical specialists from WFP establishes the vital IT connections needed by the humanitarian community to coordinate its life-saving operations.

Because they arrive at the onset of an emergency, FITTEST members are often required to work in extremely harsh and hostile situations; sometimes for months at a time. Think of being dropped by a helicopter in an insecure and isolated area after a major earthquake - where there is no shelter, no water, and no electricity - and having to start-up a full-functioning IT operation...

To recognise the unwavering dedication and bravery of the team, this short film was created.