FITTEST Training Services designs, delivers and evaluates IT, telecommunications and electrical training courses and exercises for the humanitarian community.

Spanning radio and data communications, project management and field skills, training courses are designed to increase the IT and telecommunications capabilities of the humanitarian community.

FITTEST Training Services is a team of qualified instructors from the World Food Programme (WFP), each with extensive experience in both emergency and development settings. Practical knowledge of the humanitarian context allows instructors to bring real-world understanding to the ICT community.

In emergency situations, having the right skills, training and knowledge could mean the difference between saving lives...and losing them.

Inter-Agency Approach

  • Develops and conducts classroom training and practical exercises for staff from UN, NGO, government and Stand-by Partner organizations.
  • Offers technical courses which bring Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) standard solutions and understanding to the humanitarian ICT community.

Tailored Courses 

  • Supports organizations with assessing learning needs, and designing training to meet requirements
  • Tailors existing training courses and exercises to target specific needs of an organization.
  • Engages subject matter experts, academic institutions, telecommunications firms and donors to ensure development of training courses with expert knowledge, best practice and specialist resources.
  • Evaluates all events so that improvements can be fed back into the design phase. Formal evaluation of the training impact is also possible.

Technical and Non-Technical Skill Sets

  • Telecommunications and Data Communications - Including satellite communications, VHF/HF radio, wireless links and mesh networking
  • Phone systems - Including PABX, VOIP, Web Conferencing
  • Field skills - Including navigation, radio communications, 4X4 driver training
  • Project Management in Emergencies - Including emergency assessment, planning, budgeting and leadership
  • Emergency Management - Including preparedness, response, relief and recovery.


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