• The Top 5 Ways Logistics is Fighting Ebola

    In addition to providing food assistance, WFP is working closely with medical, humanitarian and government partners across West Africa to fight the Ebola outbreak. Here are the top 5 ways logistics is supporting the humanitarian community:

  • Engineers and logisticians unite against Ebola

    Right now, WFP is doing something it has never done before.

  • The Logistics of Responding to the Ebola Outbreak

    The Ebola response is requiring the support of the entire humanitarian community. WFP is assisting UN agencies, NGOs and Governments with critical logistics support.

  • Bringing school supplies to the children of Gaza

    Students from Gaza are benefitting from a delivery of school supplies this week, as they begin a new academic year. A humanitarian convoy recently brought these supplies along with other relief items including cooking oil, flour and bed sheets.

  • Supporting the Ebola Response: An Interview with a WFP Logistician

    Alastair Cook is a WFP logistician deployed to Monrovia, Liberia to support much needed food deliveries across the country, where WFP has reached over 43,000 people since the beginning of July. We were able to speak with Alastair about how things are going in Liberia, and this is what he had to say:

  • Combatting Malaria in Zambia, One Mosquito Net at a Time

    During 2013 and 2014, the Government of Zambia is undertaking the mass distribution of nearly nine million insecticide-treated mosquito nets, distributing to all provinces across the country. Working together with donors, the UN community, faith-based organizations, civil society, and the private sector, all of the country's ten provinces will be covered. 

  • Fighting malaria with your cell phone?

    Chances are, you might have seen this symbol before. --->

  • How Can Reducing Post-Harvest Losses Support Food Security?

    Ask Simon Costa, the Project Manager for a new WFP Special Operation aimed at reducing post-harvest losses in Uganda and Burkina Faso. With the right tools and donor support, he’s confident post-harvest losses can be greatly reduced in our lifetimes.

  • UNHAS Flight Makes a Milestone Landing in DRC

    National Aviation Safety Officer Hugo du Plessis recently joined a team of WFP Aviation staff and engineers to inaugurate a newly rehabilitated airstrip in the small village of Lukutu, DRC with the arrival of the first flight, UN25W. Hugo describes the impact this airstrip will have on surrounding remote communities, and the reaction of locals upon the flight’s landing near their home.  

  • Creative Logisticians Work Around Bad Weather in the Philippines

    When bad weather risked holding up urgent food assistance for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, the emergency logistics team found an unusual solution…