The Clinton Foundation Trucks

They are big and yellow and covered with Penske stickers. The 20 International Durastar 4300 series trucks donated by the Clinton Foundation rest between runs in a massive warehouse complex not far from where I sit in Log Base. However, they stay idle only for a few minutes before they are tasked again and loaded with tents, latrines, rice and beans. Each morning they break out from the base loaded with materials destined for partner organizations, relief organizations and communities in need.

In January, WFP Logistics approached the Clinton Foundation with an request for a fleet of trucks. The Clinton Foundation mobilized more than 100 vehicles of various capacities and WFP quickly registered, insured and plated the vehicles. As the lead agency for the Logistics Cluster, WFP has provided those trucks to the Inter-Agency fleet which the Cluster operates. The fleet is overseen by Cluster partners Handicap International/Atlas Logistics. The same partners also operate the warehouse and yard where the pictures below were taken.

As a free service to the humanitarian community, the Inter-Agency fleet is made available for moving goods throughout Haiti. Upon my arrival in Jacmel one week ago I observed fleet vehicles being loaded with flour from a coastal freighter docked in Jacmel Port. The massive logistics operation also manages daily convoys coming from the Dominican Republic where the Santo Domingo support base works feverishly to push critical items through the pipeline. The fleet serves the entire humanitarian community and works with organizations both large and small. One recent customer, Sean Penn's J/P HRO, has received assistance on numerous occasions from the trucks which deliver various relief items from partner organizations.

If you are operational in Haiti and would like to access the fleet and/or Cluster resources please visit their website: