The Last Airlift To Akobo, South Sudan

We just received an update from Mats Persson, WFP's Head Of Sub-Office in Bor, South Sudan:

I just returned from Akobo 5 minutes ago. Today, the MI-26 completed the last airlift to Akobo. Since the 18th of June WFP has been continously been delivering food from both Bor and Juba with the help of the MI-26. The massive helicopter has completed a total of 54 lifts. In addition, a WFP chartered Buffalo has completed 76 runs to the same location from Bor and Loki. 820 MT (metric tonnes) of food has been airlifted over a period of 3 months. Yesterday evening the first full run of barges since the June attacks arrived and are offloading approximately 100MT of food as I write. There was to be a distribution today at the airstrip for 15,000 IDPs but due to yet another rumor of an impending attack the IDPs were reluctant to gather at the airstrip. An additional 3000 MT of food are being shipped by barge to the Akobo area. This will help to further reduce the cost of delivery. The situation in Akobo still remain tense. Please see the attached pictures which show the Mi-26; boats and barges used for food transport; the WFP security boat and the WFP warehouse in Akobo.

Special thanks to: Mats Persson, Head of Sub-Office, and the entire South Sudan team!