Latest Photos Of Damaged Port In Port-au-Prince, Haiti

We received these photos a short while ago from our Port Captain, Niels Olsen, who is currently on the ground in Haiti. Niels is working with various officials and agencies on the ground to determine the best course of action for returning the ports to operational status as quickly as possible.

The photos show the devastation at the main port including the collapsed piers, toppled cranes and buckled roads. Even with all destruction Niels sounds hopeful that at least part of the port can be made operable fairly soon.

When we have more information we will be sure to share it with you. In the mean time, you can find the latest logistics updates on our Logistics Portal. Please follow our latest updates on Twitter: @wfplogistics.

REPAIR TO acces road leading to SOUTH WHARF - APN Port

Quick update: the access road leading to SOUTH PIER has been repaired by private contractor and pier of 2x200 m is now accessible for geared ships and barges.

Container side of port is still not in operation and should bot be expected to be in the very near future.

best regards

Niels Olsen