The Logistics Operational Guide (LOG)

The Logistics Cluster, for which WFP is the lead agency, recently worked with a wide range of partner organisations to launch a new tool for the benefit of the humanitarian logistics community. The Logistics Operational Guide, referred to as the LOG is a consolidation of humanitarian logistics information covering a wide range of logistics activities, definitions, practical application of logistics concepts, right through to information on how to facilitate an exit of staff and equipment from an operation. Though still a work in progress, the LOG offers up a wealth of information.

The LOG provides for free access and all users are invited to use the tool to complement existing guidelines in their organisations. The LOG is available for download and installation on a USB stick or any other storage device enabling users to take the content with them into the field and access it even when offline. Updates are incremental and made available as soon as the user has an active Internet connection. It is an ideal solution for low bandwidth environments.

Everything you may need, from Terms of Reference for an Assistant Warehouse Manager, latest INCOTERMS, sample Bin Cards, to a simple vehicle maintenance expenditure tracking tool are available for download and use! The familiar Microsoft Word and Excel formats make the documents easy to access and use. In addition, the host of links make it possible to do additional research into areas of interest. The only requirement for accessing the online version is a computer running an internet browser.

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For offline access, you need an internet browser compatible with Google Gears. However, if you don't have Gears installed it is not a problem as the installation package will install it for you.(the installation package come with a mobile internet browser that will enable you to carry the LOG on USB stick or external drive)

If you are interested in finding out more about the LOG you can access it on the Logistics Cluster website by clicking the following link: Please do not hesitate to write to the team by emailing them at:, if you have any feedback.

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