Our Teams on the Ground

Every month WFP Logistics puts together an internal Bulletin  to inform and involve Logistics staff of activities carried out across the world. 

Recently we put together a special edition focusing on the Haiti emergency and the WFP teams remarkable efforts.   It contained stories about the different areas we work in - Aviation, shipping etc.. giving lots of facts and figures about how much food we have moved, how many aircraft we have moblised etc..  Informative, yes.  However, feedback before we published came in - 'Where's the human side?  The stats come in daily.  Tell us about our staff down there.  What is life like for them?'  
And so, what has it been like for those on the ground?   The answer: 'Exhausting!'.    Take a look.

Many thanks to our team on the ground and thanks to Franck Aynes and Aaron Holmes for the photos.

I don't know who raises such

I don't know who raises such a questions about the role of humand side... everybody should know even with the biggest ships,aircrafts and all means of transportation and using new technology without a human effort, even one bag of food cannot be moved.. because none of them are automated yet. . in 4000 AC maybe... but now it is all WFP logistics staff who should fight with harsh conditions.. they challenge nature powers, indeed.

Keep Up The Spirit

great jobbbb...keep up the spirit to wfp team, i wish someday i can join u guys *i hope* Yay