Photos Of WFP Logistic's UNHAS Evacuating Wounded On First Flight Out Of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Published on 19 January 2010

The first leg of the flight from SD-PAP brought personnel and supplies into Haiti.

Copyright: WFP/Philippe Martou 

We just received these photos from our Deputy Chief of Aviation, Philippe Martou, in Port-au-Prince. The images show an injured child being loaded onto WFP's United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) at the main airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

It was only the second flight for the 10-seat Cessna Caravan which is now operating as a humanitarian shuttle between Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The flight had arrived only a short while earlier carrying critical personnel and relief supplies.

The shuttle will continue carry the wounded out and bring much need personnel and supplies into the country. UNHAS provides lifesaving air services for the entire humanitarian community. For more information regarding flight operations in the region please visit the Haiti update page on the WFP Logistics Portal.


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