Rehabilitation of the Mogadishu Port: Despite the challenges, much has been achieved

Last year, we published several stories on the rehabilitation work at the Mogadishu port in Somalia.  It is now a year later and despite the extremely volatile security situation, the challenges that are by now ‘par for the course’ in Somalia, much has been accomplished. Take a look.


And it doesn’t end there.  With a 275k VA Generator installed, the port now has the capability to operate 24/7; all six berths are operational, after the removal of four shipwrecks from the basin, increasing port capacity by 100%! 
The first training course to build capacity within the port management team has recently been delivered, focusing on improving safety and efficiency of marine operations.
Indeed UN agencies, Government agencies, National and International NGOs, IDPs and the population at large will all benefit from this work. At present, the WFP Somalia Logistics Unit provides transportation and storage services to nine UN agencies and eight NGOs.