Short Stories from South Darfur

Armand Ndimurukundo is the Head of Logistics in South Darfur, managing food distributions to an average of 782,000 people per year. We were curious to know what it was like to work for WFP Logistics in Nyala, the desert capital of South Darfur State. In this photo diary, Armand helps to paint the picture.

Armand Ndimurukundo holding a wfp poster with fellow staff member

"This picture was taken in February while we were visiting the largest IDP camp in South Darfur called 'Kalma.' In this camp alone, WFP feeds 82,000 beneficiaries. You can see the rations we plan to distribute each month on the board we’re holding, which was created by our cooperating partner, World Vision. As one of our main partners in the region, they help WFP to manage the food distributions in seven IDP camps based in city of Nyala. In all of South Darfur, there are over 10 IDP camps, in which WFP is assisting around 770,000 beneficiaries through general food distributions.

woman traveling by a wagon pulled by donkeys to retrieve their food

"These women are some of WFP’s beneficiaries. They came to collect food rations with their children on a donkey cart, which is the most common means of transportation in Darfur. I asked one of the women if I could sit with them, and they gave me a ride while I was talking to her small boy. He’s hiding behind his mom in this picture (I think he was shy!).

These are some of the touching moments that you never forget. They remind me of we’re here in Darfur and why it’s so important to keep doing the job we do.

30 wfp trucks in a line

"Our fleet in South Darfur is made up of 30 Mercedes trucks. In this photo, the convoy has just loaded up with food commodities from the WFP warehouse in Nyala, and are waiting for their escort of UN peacekeepers from the United Nations-African Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). UNAMID assists to secure WFP convoys for certain destinations, due to the insecurity in Darfur. Pictured here is Adamali – he is the WFP Warehouse Manager in Nyala, and makes certain that no truck is left behind in the convoy.

Daffalla happily throwing his hands in the air

"This charming gentleman is Daffalla , one of our logisticians in South Darfur. He recently visited an IDP camp in the town of Al Salam to be part of a team which would verify the current number of beneficiaries present in the camp – this helps WFP to continually ensure we are delivering the right amount of food to the right number of people. In this photo, the tent that was used to register our beneficiaries is being taken down. Mission accomplished!

wfp warehouse

"Welcome to warehouse and commodity management 101! Lesson #1? Make the most use of your warehouse space as possible. In this photo we managed to squeeze in an extra 1,000 bags of sorghum, making the total number come to 10,000 bags, or 500 metric tonnes. This may not sound like a lot – but with this amount, we can feed nearly 65,000 beneficiaries in South Darfur for an entire month.

bag that says beans donated by the government of brazil featuring the brazilian flag

"Beans: courtesy of the Government of Brazil. This photo was taken when I was inspecting the beans and packaging after their arrival at our warehouse. While the bags were being unloaded I was explaining to the warehouse manager how the beans were an in-kind donation from the Government of Brazil, while the costs of transportation (both ocean and land), and the personnel to manage the distribution, was donated by the Government of Spain. When he asked how I knew that I said with a smile, 'The answer is on the bags.'

Thanks to both Brazil and Spain, these beans will go to feed children in South Darfur through WFP’s School Meals programme, as well as those participating in Food for Work projects."


*A big thanks to Armand in Nyala and his logs team for introducing us to South Darfur logistics!

Photos credited to:
#1 & 2: WFP/Nyala Sub-Office
#3: WFP/Nyala Logistics team
#4: WFP/Pedro Matos
#5 & 6: WFP/Armand Ndimurukundo

Thank you!

Thank you all for the kind comments! We will be sure to relay these messages to our Logistics team in South Darfur.

- Leighla

WFP Logistics

Sweet old memories from NYL

Sweet old memories from NYL office. I fell in love with Mercedes Trucks & the blue sheets that had WFP logo all over it. Good days indeed...


May God bless Armand and all those involved in ensuring that our brothers and sisters in Darfur do not starve. Your work is great, keep on and God lift you all up and protect you.

Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!