Video Interview With Matthew Hollingworth, Head Of ALITE And Logistics Cluster

A few weeks ago we posted a video interview with Pierre Carrasse, the Head of Aviation for WFP, which you all seemed to enjoy. At that time we promised you a follow on session with another member of the logistics team. This week we bring you an interview with Matthew Hollingworth who is the Head of ALITE (Augmented Logistics Intervention TEam) and Logistics Cluster.

Matthew was kind enough to sit with us and discuss his background, the current status of humanitarian logistics and what the future holds for humanitarian logistics professionals. We have trimmed the video down to about 7.5 minutes and compressed it enough so that team members deep in the field can get the benefit of Matthew's wisdom.

We hope you enjoy our interview with one of the brightest stars in humanitarian logistics.

Special thanks to: Matthew Hollingworth, Ekram Elhuni, the ALITE team and Cluster unit!