WFP donates trucks to reach displaced Syrians in war zones

A recent donation of trucks by WFP is helping a fellow humanitarian partner to reach the most vulnerable inside Syria.

To support humanitarian food deliveries to millions of displaced people in need across Syria, WFP is donating 15 trucks to its partner, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), which is allowing the organization to run joint humanitarian convoys to reach the most difficult-to-access locations. This initiative is part of WFP’s efforts to build partners’ capacities in emergencies, helping them to reach the most vulnerable.

Due to the constantly evolving security situation in the country, commercial transporters are sometimes unable to go the last mile, making these trucks crucial for the final leg of deliveries to displaced Syrians. The trucks will be delivered through Lebanese borders and handed to SARC once they arrive in Syrian territories.

“Despite the increasingly challenging environment in Syria, WFP constantly seeks to fill logistics gaps in emergency situations. WFP strives to ensure that food reaches the most in need by enhancing the logistics capacity of partners for humanitarian deliveries across all 14 governorates,” says Matthew Dee, Senior Regional Logistics Officer for the Syria Crisis. “WFP teams from Headquarters and across the region have worked closely to ship the vehicles to Beirut, meet required customs procedures, and complete the final dispatch and handover to SARC.”

In the 2014 Syria Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan (SHARP), the WFP-led Logistics Cluster identified enhancing the capacity of partners as one of the key logistics needs in the country. Through this donation, SARC is receiving logistics support that will help them in carrying out their life-saving work.

Last year, WFP donated 20 similar trucks to SARC, which have been used for a number of activities, including inter-agency convoys to hotspot locations inside Syria.  These donations have created a versatile fleet of 35 trucks for SARC’s use in 2015 and beyond.