WFP just launched their new NFI tracking system but they don’t want you to use it

Why?  Because the new Temporary system is so darn cool that you might just fall in love with it and refuse to give it up when they roll out our even better Interim tracking system later this year. That’s right, this is just the first of several systems that the development team is working on. The Temporary system is an impressive piece of work and, despite the developers’ best efforts to downplay it’s functionality, we are going to spill the beans and tell you exactly what it can do. (Actually, they are thrilled that we’re giving you a first look.)

The system was built using a Microsoft Access database for several reasons: 1) the development is fairly straightforward 2) updates can easily be exchanged through an email system and 3) it provides WFP with a way to test various tools that will deployed in the Interim and Final versions. These later versions will be built on more robust database management systems with stronger replication and multi-user capabilities. It is lean and mean but that doesn’t mean it is toothless. Far from it. The system offers WFP staff and logistics officers from partner agencies a feature rich interface with loads of tools for detailed tracking of their NFI shipments.

Some of the features include:

  • The ability to geo-code (using Google Maps) pick-up and delivery points
  • Email-based notification service whereby users receive cargo movement confirmation details and waybill information as soon as the shipment is dispatched
  • Automatic generation of shipping labels to facilitate quicker turn around time at the loading dock
  • Full loss report form with email notification
  • Detailed report generation capabilities for WFP and client record keeping

Yep, it is pretty much what you all have been waiting for.  Already, the system is tracking commodities in Pakistan for several agencies that are currently using WFP and Logistics Cluster services. Check out these images for more details (Sorry for the compression but we didn’t want to jam your bandwidth):  


































































































If you are interested in finding out more about this new system please email the team at

Special thanks to:  Information Management Officer Aaron Holmes, Sr. Information Management Officer Eric Branckaert and the entire development team.