WFP Teams Face Tough Conditions Deep In The DRC

A little over a month ago in late May, while most of us prepared for the end of the school year and the impending summer, a WFP Logistics teams deep in the Congo was hard at work getting a shipment of food and supplies to the remote town of Dungu in northeastern DRC.  The nearly 520km (325 mile) journey runs begins in Beni and passes through some of the most impenetrable terrain in Africa.

Heavy rains and saturated roads slowed the convoy's progress and forced the teams to fall trees - not only to clear the path but also to improve the road.  This extended the already lengthy journey.  Franck Aynes, the Logistics Officer in charge, highlights the challenges:

To give you an idea in the  beginning of these convoys operations (Beni -> Dungu around 520 Km), it took us 15 days round trip offloading included. The last convoy (number 4) took us 45 days to reach Dungu from Beni, that is just ''one way''. The trucks are still there. So, I'll send spare parts and tyres by aircraft by the end of the week, before they come back to Goma.

The team is not moving a light load. Here are the contents of the shipment carried by the eleven truck convoy:

  • 7 trucks with 10 MT of WFP food each
  • 2 trucks with 2 light vehicles (4x4) for a partner organization
  • 2 trucks with 2 generators, WFP and partner NFI's, Inter Agency cargo and WFP food cargo.

We wish them well on the return trip and will let you know if we get some more great pics.  Many thanks to the DRC team for news and pics!

Photos: ALBA (Association Laïque pour les Bambins d'Afrique)