WFP's Relief Operations In Padang, Indonesia

The WFP team in Padang, Indonesia has sent us photos of their work setting up operations at the local airport following last month's devastating earthquake.

The earthquake, which destroyed homes in Padang and villages in the surrounding mountains, struck mid day on September 30th but the full extent of the devastation to region was not immediately apparent. WFP teams from Aceh and elsewhere in Indonesia immediately moved into Padang and began setting up operations. The photos below highlight their efforts.

Along with images of destruction the photos also show the erection of a Wiikhall storage facility, unloading of humanitarian supplies from recently arrived relief flights and the reloading onto surface transport. An established network of resources allowed WFP teams to respond quickly with the necessary materials and equipment.

(All photos copyright: WFP/Bambang Suseno and Wisdear Chong)

Special thanks to Bambang Suseno, Wisdear Chong, Betty Ka and the entire WFP Indonesia team!