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WFP's Relief Operations In Padang, Indonesia

The WFP team in Padang, Indonesia has sent us photos of their work setting up operations at the local airport following last month's devastating earthquake.

WFP Teams In The Philippines Preparing for Typhoon Lupit

WFP teams in the Philippines are preparing for the arrival of Typhoon Lupit. The typhoon is due to hit the northern tip of the country tomorrow evening.

'That Others May Live' - WFP Helicopters Delivering Food And Supplies In The Philippines

WFP's Deputy Chief of Aviation, Philippe Martou, wrote us last night about his experiences in the Philippines where WFP is providing helicopter airlift support to relief operations following Tropical Storm Ketsana and Typhoon Parma.

UNHAS Helicopters Now Operational In The Skies Over Manila

Last Friday, two Russian built Mi-171 helicopters were transported from Antalia, Turkey to an airbase in the Philippines onboard an Ilyushin 76.

When a bucket is not a bucket - Standardizing relief items: Part III

In Part I and Part II of this series we presented examples which made it clear why there is a need for standardizing the nomenclature and reference numbering of relief items.

WFP Charters Boeing 747 To Deliver Critical Humanitarian Supplies To The Philippines

A second load of humanitarian relief items has touched down in Manila. A Boeing 747, chartered by the WFP Aviation unit, was loaded with 96 metric tonnes of relief items by our colleagues at the UNHRD base in Brindisi before it departed for the Philippines.

First Relief Shipments On The Ground In The Philippines

Earlier this week, as residents of the Philippines began cleaning up the destruction wrought by Typhoon Ketsana, the UNHRD team in Brindisi was busy loading and dispatching relief supplies to the area. After several days of transit the supplies are now on the ground and currently being distributed through the appropriate channels.

When A Bucket Is Not A Bucket - Standardizing Relief Items: Part II

In Part I of this series we sketched the outline of an imaginary emergency: A mountainous area in Central Asia had been hit by an earthquake causing major structural damage and significant loss of life. In our scenario the roads in the region were heavily damaged which limited access to the outside world and humanitarian relief efforts had kicked off with a massive airlift of relief items.

When A Bucket Is Not A Bucket – Standardizing Relief Items: Part I

Earthquake in Faristan – Flash #1- October 3 2010 10:20 GMT.
Two hours ago, we experienced 7.8 earthquake with the epicenter in “Faraway”, one of the mountaneous regions in our country. We have reports of major structural damages and significant loss of life in the two district capitals, each with 200,000 inhabitants.
The structural damage includes destruction of vital road, power, communications, water and sanitation infrastructures. Houses and public facilities are said to have been severely damaged, if not totally destroyed.