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The Unsung Heroes of WFP (8 guys, 20 minutes, 10 tons)

Mats Persson, Project Coordinator in Bor, sent us a story and photos from South Sudan:

WFP is proud of its drivers and, in recognition of their efforts, gave them a Merit award earlier this year. Another, often overlooked group of individuals, which literally carries the load of WFP on their backs are the porters we hire as day labour in locations around the world.

WFP Teams Face Tough Conditions Deep In The DRC

A little over a month ago in late May, while most of us prepared for the end of the school year and the impending summer, a WFP Logistics teams deep in the Congo was hard at work getting a shipment of food and supplies to the remote town of Dungu in northeastern DRC.

The WFP's New NFI Tracking System

I had coffee the other morning with Aaron Holmes who is currently working as a Consultant with the Logistics Cluster.  Aaron's job is to develop the Temporary, Interim and eventually Final NFI (Non-Food Item) tracking systems.  While the WFP currently has the COMPAS (Commodity Movement Processing and Analysis System) system to handle tracking of all food stuffs we're still working to improve our NFI tracking.